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To check IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) of any mobile,

On the main screen type *#06#

Information you get from the IMEI
    XXXXXX     XX     XXXXXX    X
        TAC      FAC       SNR     SP

TAC = Type approval code of your Nokia Mobile
FAC = Final assembly code of your cellphone
SNR = Serial number of your Nokia Phone
SP = Spare

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Windows Tricks and Secrets

  1. To speed up your windows or to increase RAM virtually,
    Right click on My Computer
    >> Properties
    >> Advanced
    >> Performance - Settings
    >> Advanced
    >> Virtual Memory - Change
    Keep the initial size same as recommended and maximum size double of it then restart your system.
    It will improve speed of windows and you can play some games which require higher RAM.

  2. When a window is active, press the F11 key of the keyboard to get the biggest window possible and press F11 again to restore it.
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Internet Tricks ,Tips and Secrets

Use Mozilla Firefox instead of IE explorer and keep the cache size to 500 Mb and you can surf faster.

It fetches informating from cache of websites you regular visits so its fast and it download less data compares to IE so very handy for limited download size users.

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