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We provide the secret tips and tricks for all leading mobile phone/cell phone like LG, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony ericsson, BenQ-Siemens. We provide the link for free download of Mobile wallpapers, screensavers, themes, ringtones, videos in 3gp, mpg and mp4 format, softwares, games and many more.

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Few of our Cell phone Tricks and Mobile Secrets
To check IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) for any mobile or cellular phone.
On the main screen type *#06#

Information you get from the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)
    XXXXXX     XX     XXXXXX    X
        TAC      FAC       SNR     SP

TAC = Type approval code of your Nokia Mobile
FAC = Final assembly code of your cell phone
SNR = Serial number of your Nokia Phone
SP = Spare

  Now you can spy on anyone using your cell phone. Just do the following.
  1. Activate the "Automatic Answer" in the headset profile of your cell phone and set the ringing volume to "Mute"
  2. Short-circuit the left middle and right pins on the bottom of the mobile phone with all connections touching each other this will activate profile "Headset".
    If you cant do this just keep your earphone connected to mobile.
  3. Now place it under a table in a room and call it. Now you can use your phone for checking out what people are talking about in a room. Just call on your phone.
  4. The phone receives the call without ringing and you can listen to what people are saying.

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